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"I have no time and there are too many distractions...Blame me!"

I have a confession to make. After 20 years of selling cell phones, mobile devices, tablets, and all sorts of electronic Do-Dad’s, I must accept the blame for why you’re not getting anything done. It started off innocently…it really did!

When I first started in this business, I don’t think we even had email. You could make a phone call on a 50lb cell phone…(Analog of course), from your car, and that was the cat’s behind.

There was no E-mail then.

People we’re just happy to be able to have a conversation with someone else and not be tethered to an office or house phone. Messages were returned quicker. Business got done faster. Life improved leaps and bounds, right?

But along the way, as you all know, things have changed. Email. Text Messaging. Voice to Text voice mails, VOIP. 

We were plugged in and connected!

Then came the storm. Google, Facebook, Twitter, SnapChat, Instagram, Instant Pot (you get the picture). 

And when we got so busy looking at those platforms, and wanted to respond, we found ways to do it more efficiently with more Apps! Hootsuite, Sendable, and Tweetdeck to name a few. 

Now we can post to multiple platforms at the same time, and 10x our efforts…and become even more distracted!

So why am I telling you all this, and why is your busy day my fault? The simple answer is I fell into the same trap too. As a business owner (and like everyone else) I only have so much time during the day. But it’s the same amount of time as you…. we all have 24 hours.

I found myself with all these Apps taking away my focus. Constant chirps, and Tings, and rings going off on my phone, taking my attention away from what I should be doing. 

Even now as I’m writing this, I need to close my Outlook so the email pop-up doesn’t go shiny object on me!

Seriously…I just came back to writing this after 30 minutes of distractions. Matt came into my office today with an issue, not a crisis. 

I took a phone call I didn’t really need to take. Or really wanted to take, but I did.

And my wife texted about something that could have waited until lunch (or the end of the day). But I responded and went back and forth for another 10 minutes. Of course I was the one who started the whole text message string....

So, I really feel guilty being the purveyor of all these distractions and sucking time from your day. I feel it’s my responsibility to fix this and provide you with some simple tips to help you avoid these distractions. (Full disclosure; I’m not really taking REAL responsibility, but tongue-in-cheek responsibility in case there is a lawyer out there with too much time and not enough billable hours on their hands!)

Todd’s Tips to Avoid Device Distraction!

These are going to seem simple. You’re going to hate doing it. Cold chills and sweats may happen to you, but trust me, you will get over it.

There is a little button called the POWER button. Shut the damn thing off. 

How often have you been in a meeting, at dinner, a movie and the shrill sound of a cell phone goes off like finger nails on a chalk board? The simplest and easiest way is to shut off the device when you are trying to focus on a task or project. 

  • Schedule yourself some time to check in, turn on the device, and then shut it off again. That phone is figuratively and literally a big shiny object.

  • Yes, I know you need to have it on for your kids. Yes, there is a call that you just can’t miss. We all do. But that constant connectivity is preventing many of you from accomplishing your goals and tasks in the time and manner you want. 

  • How can you stay focused when Twitter is updating you on the latest Hollywood scandal?

Recently, I decided to just remove App’s altogether. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and numerous other “business efficiency tools”, that were neither efficient or improving my focus or attention on the business....gone!

I just made the decision to check these during certain times of the day. From my desktop, not the device. I even schedule when I check and respond to emails. I’m liking it.  Here's another tip:

  • Go to your settings in your phone. Go to Notifications. It should pull up a list of App’s that you can manually turn off. 

  • Go through every App you feel is a distraction and turn the NOTIFICATION off. The APP is still there, but can be manually accessed later. No "TING or BEEP", no distraction.

  • Leave the phone on but shut off the email. 

  • Keep your text messaging on if you must, but turn off the Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest updates. 

  • You can always check those later.

While some of these tips may seem obvious and simplistic, take it from someone who sells these devices for a living, and give it a try. Studies have shown that the receiving of a Facebook update on a post or pic you may have posted, or a reply to a text message has the same effect as Dopamine on the brain. It’s addictive. You can Google that later for more information…hopefully after you completed your goals for the day!

I also wanted to give a big shout out to Ed Rush and Tracy Enos who inspired me to finally write this article. I’ve been thinking about this for a long time, and Ed posted a video about the same topic that I want to share with you. Ed is a great speaker and I recommend you give it a look. 

Here’s the link:

Talk to you soon…Todd

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