At The Cell Phone Centre, our goal is clear: to become the best Mobile Phone Store in Eastern Ontario, Cornwall and the Ottawa Valley. We believe simpler is better. That’s why we’ve made it as easy as possible for you to find what you’re looking for.

We provide an unparalleled product selection, a unique shopping experience and extraordinary customer service. Our comprehensive warranties, custom delivery options, and professional support ensure our customers’ total satisfaction even after their order is complete. Get in touch and pay us a visit today.


  • Customers Pay The Bills

  • We Win as a Team

  • We Follow our Winning Game Plan

  • Empowerment and Integrity

  • Continual Self-Improvement

Our Mission

Our passion is to build long lasting relationships with our customers, employees, and our partners. At the Cell Phone Centre, we put the customer and employee at the centre of everything we do. By enhancing our customer’s lifestyle with technology, we provide a fun environment with an unmatched customer experience.

Our Vision

Fostering a culture that promotes growth, development, and profitability while inspiring our employees to act as an owner.

Home Electronics


Todd Fetterly

Dealer Principal

Todd has been in the mobile device space since 1989.  He's an entrepreneur, golfer, traveler and kitchen hack.


Ashley Jennings

VP of Operations

Ashley has quickly proven herself as one of the best sales people in our business and has taken on the additional responsibility of VP of the whole damn thing.  She's like a cat herder.

Natalie pic.png

Natalie Dumais


Natalie has over 20 years of experience is the mobile device space.  She keeps the trains running on time!