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Our Mission

To create raving fans of all our Cell Phone Centre Clients, by offering concierge level service every time.  We have your back.

Why Us?

We could tell you we've been in business for over 25 years.  We could tell you our customer service is second to none.  We could tell you we have the cheapest prices (we don't). 


It's been our experience everyone says the same worn out thing.


So why us?  Our core focus is to treat everyone as an individual-not just a number.  We want everyone to be a raving fan of the Cell Phone Centre, not because of what we say, but what we do every single day. 


That means how we treat our clients.  How we treat our team.  And how we impact the community.


Our vision is to service 100k+ raving Cell Phone Centre fans over the next 10 years, by providing exceptional service and value, with all our product offerings.

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